What Else Can I Lease

Just because you didn’t see your required market sector listed, doesn’t mean to say that it’s not on our radar. So whether it’s coffee machines, processing and packaging equipment, or a vast array of other goods, trust Tower Leasing to make it all happen quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Large Scale Washing Machines

Hotels, hospitals and nursing homes are generally those looking to lease these industrial sized machines, used to maintain high standards of health and hygiene.

Process Packaging Machinery

This includes shrink wrappers, pallet wrappers, cardboard box manufacturing machines, check weighing equipment, x-ray machines and labelling machines. Working closely with suppliers, we source and provide tailored finance for each customer.

Ground Keeping Equipment

As varied as the applications are for this machinery, so too are our finance agreements. We’ll provide budget friendly terms for hollow tine machines, large lawnmowers and grass cutting machines used on golf courses, through to big rollers, artificial turf cleaning machines, and large scale farm equipment.

Fire Equipment and Systems

This includes finance for entire systems in buildings such as the alarms, traditional fire sprinkler systems, and now the more modern waterless systems that protect valuable office equipment by extinguishing the fire using a harmless gas.

Industrial Cleaning Machines

Extremely popular in supermarkets and other high traffic area businesses, this is an area of leasing that we have masses of experience in. In fact, we’ll work closely with facility management companies to ensure that the right equipment is financed in the right way.

Signage Printers

Besides office printers, we also finance these larger and more specialised industrial printers used to print, laminate and even die cut outdoor signs and those affixed to vehicles.

Biomass Boilers & Voltage Optimisation

With organisations being regulated to become greener by using machines that regulate their use of energy or make use of alternative energy sources, this is another growing leasing area that we’re very much a part of and have large scale expertise in.

Medical and Dentistry Equipment

Medical and dentistry equipment is very important in everyday society, health and hygiene of people is the highest priority. Therefore, we finance this equipment to make it easier for everyone to get the right treatment when they need it. This equipment is not cheap and leasing enables surgeries, hospitals and dental surgeries to provide their clients with the best service possible.

If you’re still not sure if we’ve covered whatever it is you’re looking to lease, even after
seeing a list as varied as this one, give us a call on 0845 226 9300 and we’ll personally
discuss your requirements.

Lease vs Buy

Did you know by choosing to lease, you could receive fantastic tax benefits?

What Else Can I Lease

Learn more about what you can lease. If it is not listed, get in touch & we can help.