Meet the Team

Our assets walk in and out of the building every day of the week. Our knowledge, expertise and experience which have been built upon over time enable us to provide you with an optimum solution quickly, efficiently and painlessly.


Our Sales & Marketing team consists of good honest people doing good honest business. Their aim is to encourage and educate equipment suppliers on how to offer leasing alongside cash purchase and also to make both suppliers and customers aware of the many benefits leasing attracts.




The New Business team take care of the administration involved with leasing.

The team is made up of very enthusiastic and knowledgeable members who are always keeping the appropriate people informed to ensure the lease process is running as smoothly as possible.



We support all functions of the business. From customer services, accounts, systems management, end of lease, operations and marketing. We can help you answer questions on your existing lease agreements.


Our Partners

We work alongside some well-known associations and organisations,
our partnerships strengthen the service we deliver everyday.