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Fit Out Finance, is a term used to cover aspects of a building which goes inside a building. This can range from anything including raised access flooring, air-conditioning, demountable partitions, tea points and furniture. Compared to some assets that people have been traditionally using finance options for like technology, reprographics and vehicles, Fit Out Finance is possibly the least well known.

Utilising finance options for this type of asset has become increasingly popular as it gives companies the opportunity to spread out the cash flow implications of what can be a significant cost to a business. Not only is there the cashflow benefits there can also be some wider tax implications both over the short and longer term.

How can we help?

Two different approaches reaching the same goal.

Some of the other aspects that we are able to fund within the commercial building environment are listed below:


Commercial mortgages


Development funding


Bridging facilities

When it comes to these costs there are a number of reasons why businesses would utilise these options, there is also a number of benefits of offering this options to your customers if you are in the commercial building environment. If you would like to discuss with us how this could benefit you or your clients please get in touch.

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