Lease vs Buy

Leasing is a very cost-effective way to invest in business equipment. In addition to its many benefits this option competes very well in simple monetary terms.

Take a look at our lease vs buy example below.

Equipment Cost: £7,500                    Lease Period: 3 Years                    Frequency: Quarterly                Company Tax Rate: 19%

Equipment Cost£7,500

Lease Period3 Years


Company Tax Rate19%

Cash Purchase
Cash Purchase

Total Tax Relief


YearCapital AllowancesTax Relief
118% of £7,500 = £1,350Less 19% = £256.50
218% of £6,150 = £1,107Less 19% = £210.33
318% of £5,043 = £907.74Less 19% = £172.47
Total Tax Relief: £639.30
Cash Purchase
Lease Rental

Total Tax Relief


YearCapital AllowancesTax Relief
14 rentals of £768.75Less 19% – £584.25
24 rentals of £768.75Less 19% – £584.25
34 rentals of £768.75Less 19% – £584.25
Total Tax Relief: £1,752.75

By choosing to lease, the company has saved £1,113.45 in tax relief

Tax Relief

Discover how these tax benefits work in further details.

Why Lease?


When leasing you will get your equipment straight away, rather than when budgets allow.


A lease option is simple and safe – with the fixed cost throughout the lease period there will be no changes or unpredictability to watch out for.


Your business can stay up-to-date with the latest equipment! Leasing provides you with the option of upgrading the equipment at any stage throughout the agreement by simply restructuring the payment schedule.


Offset 100% of the rentals against your tax liability to maximise tax efficiency.

Lease vs Buy

Did you know by choosing to lease, you could receive fantastic tax benefits?

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