Alternative Finance

Tower offers a full range of finance solutions – products and services aimed at business development and growth. Regardless of how much capital you need or how big you are as a company we can normally help.

Our transaction size starts from as a little as £1,000.00 and we have arranged funding facilities for brand new starts ups with little to no trading history to those turning over millions of pounds.

Asset Finance


There are two main forms of asset finance – lease rental, a traditional and widely used method to help fund investment in any type of equipment (soft items) such as IT, epos, furniture and anything in-between. Leasing is a tax effective way to purchase equipment (both new and used) without having to compromise on your cash flow.

Hire purchase is more often used when financing “hard” assets such as vehicles, cranes, CNC’s machines, woodworking and so on. HP agreements are on balance sheet transactions which is why most prefer to use it for equipment that retains its value in the long term. We will guide you on the best course of action depending on your circumstances with our minimum facility starting at £1,000.00 + VAT.

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New Startup


Starting up your own business can be daunting and these ventures often struggle to raise capital. Most mainstream and high street lenders shy away from offering finance solutions to new start and early stage companies however we have helped support over 30,000 SME’s, spanning more than 25 years, and we are as keen as ever to help. Any number of the services we offer are available from equipment leasing, invoice finance to cash flow loans and property.

We work with a multitude of lenders so we know how they work and what information they need to approve funding – therefore we have developed various guides and resources to help you during this process such as business plan templates and cash flow forecasts.

Most importantly you can leverage our experience and expertise to you give your business idea the best possible chance of getting off the ground.

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Property Finance


Looking to purchase your current site and save money on the rent? Would you like to build or expand a buy-to-let portfolio? We have a network of property funders and specialist partners so we can normally assist even with the most complicated of plans. This includes bridging loans for an auction purchase (or any short-term need) and development finance if you are looking to build your own units (commercial or residential) as well as commercial/residential mortgages.



Specialist facilities on offer aimed for the public schooling system, operating leases are 100% compliant with local authority regulations and can be used for many different types of equipment.


Vehicle Funding

Whether you are involved in the transport sector or you just need a new car for a member of your sales team, we have a variety of solutions tailored to spreading the cost of your next vehicle. Hire purchase is the most popular method we have for this type of investment however we also have access to competitive contract hire deals and other forms of finance such as PCP and lease. Terms from 1-5 years available and both new and used cars/commercials considered.


Cashflow Solutions

Every company can have cash flow shortages or perhaps there is an opportunity that cannot be missed but you don’t have the capital to support it – either way we have a number of solutions to help. We have a wealth of knowledge and can navigate what is a complicated market place. There are many options to choose from; unsecured, secured against property, secured against debtors or invoices, short/long-term etc. Our team members can advise and offer guidance so you don’t miss out.

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Dedicated funding solutions to support investment in all types of technology infrastructure from servers, PC’s, tablets/laptops to website design, accounting systems and license fees/support costs.

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