Cleaning Equipment

It is vital that every environment, whether it’s a hospital, school or office, is kept to a high standard of cleaniness for the comfort and health of those spending time in that particular area. Therefore, investing in good quality cleaning equipment is important to maintain a healthy environment. 

Leasing Cleaning Equipment

In many cases large industrial cleaning equipment is a necessity and it can be very expensive to buy outright. Leasing is a fantastic way of acquiring the equipment the business needs straight away whilst conserving cash flow and spreading the cost over a period of time. Tower finance a wide range of cleaning equipment and are here to support equipment suppliers and businesses in need of this equipment.

These are just a few examples of the cleaning equipment we finance, whether you are a new start up or established business, as long as the equipment value is £1,000+ we will always consider it.

  • Large industrial vacuum cleaners
  • Industrial cleaning machines
  • Large scale washing machines
  • Pressure washers
  • Hot static pressure cleaning systems
  • Street cleaners
  • Heavy duty swivel booms
  • Carpet cleaners


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