5 ways to leverage technology finance and leasing to beat your competitors

5 ways to leverage technology finance and leasing to beat your competitors

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Leasing works differently today than in the past. Instead of going directly to a technology manufacturer, companies work via third-party vendors, like ours, to source the equipment they require. Technology leasing has all sorts of benefits. Here’s how to leverage technology finance and leasing to outcompete your rivals:

1. Use it for short-term projects

Investing in technology makes sense when projects will last years, but not when they are due for completion soon. Durations are too short to justify outright purchase but too long for conventional rentals.

In this case, technology finance and leasing makes sense. It maximises your computing capacity while also offering flexible terms.

2. Fill gaps left by interim architectures

While most architectures last five years or more, changes in technology can sometimes shorten the life cycle of a particular asset or set of assets. Hence, in cases where you only need equipment for twelve to eighteen months, buying outright doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Asset leasing lets you skirt around this problem. Here, you get the interim equipment you need while avoiding multiple unwanted capital outlays over a short period.

3. Avoid costly equipment overruns

Sometimes, firms overestimate their equipment requirements. Either demand fails to materialise in the way they expect, or they are simply more efficient at using equipment than planners imagined.

When this happens under a conventional purchase model, the company is left with idle equipment, reducing ROI. However, under a leasing setup, equipment volumes can adjust quickly to changes in operational requirements. For instance, if it becomes clear that a particular computer terminal is no longer needed, it can be passed back to the leasing company.

4. Manage yearly expense limits

If your company sets strict IT spending limits but you need new equipment, you need to find ways to spread the costs out long-term. It can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to implement new wireless networks across a range of facilities.

However, with leasing, you can sidestep this issue by only paying for the IT services that you actually use.

5. Refresh your technology across the board

Lastly, you can use technology leasing to upgrade to new equipment at low cost. Leasing providers will often swap out old computer terminals or networking systems for new ones, without charging excessive fees.

Leverage technology finance – find out more

We have expertise in technology finance solutions. Financing technology solutions over 30 years, we understand the market and can work with your sales team to create a compelling offering to your prospects and clients. Read about our technology finance and leasing solutions for hardware and software, as well as how to incorporate all your client service billing and purchases into one manageable agreement. Or get in touch with us today, to discuss how we may help you with technology finance.

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