The Increased Use of Mobile Technologies in the Workplace


The increased usage of mobile technologies in the workplace has changed the business world as we know it. This blog runs through some outstanding trends and how access to mobile technology can speed up processes and help organisations achieve their CSR aims.

The Increase in Mobile Usage

There is no denying that the rise of mobile has been intense – or in the words of Eric Schmidt (Executive Chairman, Google), “mobile has won”.

Did you know that 70% of smartphone users check their phones in the morning within the first hour of getting up and 56% check their phones before going to bed? (Econsultancy, 2015) The scary thing is, you’re probably reading this and slowly realising that you’re within these statistics.

So, we all agree that mobile devices have won and that they have more than taken over desktop computers. This has changed the business world immensely, processes have changes, expectations have altered and the range of technology used within the workplace has increased intensely – for example, mobile email opens have grown by 180% in three years! (Econsultancy, 2015).


Increased Connectivity & Opportunities

This trend in mobile usage is only going to increase; the Conservative government is striving to achieve the Broadband Delivery UK promise by 2017. The government aims to provide superfast broadband for all by 2016. If you’re an IT and/or telecoms equipment supplier, this is fantastic news for you. With increased connectivity your products will be desired by new markets, for example, the government aims to improve mobile coverage in remote areas by 2016. This opens many doors of opportunity for your business and will encourage business growth in areas in remote locations.

Adapting a Mobile Workplace

The access to mobile technology in the workplace will speed up processes, support new strategies and enable organisations to decrease their carbon footprint.

Firstly, by investing in mobile devices for staff, specifically those who are mobile, employees are able to stay connected with the business at all times. Whilst out meeting clients they are able to check emails & make calls, wasting no time on the commute and increasing productivity. Furthermore, the usage of mobile apps has increased immensely; these tools can help staff carry out their day-to-day activities more efficiently, for example, using Google Maps to find their way to a destination.

When we say “mobile device” we often associate these with tablets, iPhones and smartphones. However, mobile devices have been developed for a wide range of industries – there are mobile devices in which retailers can use to take stock checks, tablets have been created to document information about hazardous environments & iPads are often used in restaurants to take customer orders. Processes are sped up and more accurate information is recorded through the usage of these devices.

Furthermore, increased mobile usage supports CSR strategies – printing, the use of materials and CO2 emissions have decreased. Resources and information, such as e-books, websites and apps have been optimised for mobile devices (in most cases) meaning the access to information is easier and there is less need for printing reams and reams of information. Electronic signatures have also been revolutionary, rather than printing long contracts, organisations can now ask their customers to sign agreements electronically on any device, speeding up the process and decreasing the use of materials. And finally, applications such as Skype and Webex has made the need to travel lessen, rather than travelling across the country to meet a client, businesses can now save energy by meeting virtually.

Mobile is the Future

It is clear that the use of mobile devices has increased at an enormous rate and will only continue. These devices have changed the business world as we know it so make the most of this opportunity and create a more efficient, mobile environment for your business.


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