Signs that it's a good time to grow your business

Signs that it’s a good time to grow your business

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Everyone wants to grow their business in the future. You may have noticed a significant rise in your sales, making you think that you need to expand. Expanding a business is an action that a business owner should take after carefully assessing the market. If your startup or SME has experienced significant business growth, you might be looking to the future. Here are four signs that indicate a need for expansion.

Strong team working for you

High sales do not indicate success if your employees are unreliable. When you have a reliable management team that is passionate about the company, you can rest assured that the company will go far. The decision to expand requires you to delegate some control to management as it is a strenuous process. If you think that you can trust your team to take on more responsibility for the company, then you are good to go. Before deciding to expand, establish who will grow with you and see the process succeed even if it will take five years to do so.

Your business is more than your capacity

Let’s say you run a small cafe and notice that most of the time, customers turn away due to a lack of seating space; this is a sign that you need to expand. However, it would be best if you first established that this is not a temporary occurrence, for example, a result of a conference taking place in the neighbourhood. Also, when you are unable to meet the demand for products and services, it is time for you to expand.

When your customers ask you to expand

Your products may only be available in a particular location. Your customers may be looking for your products in nearby towns without success. They may visit your website and ask you to avail your products in other locations. This is another indication that its time you ventured into new areas.

You have the money

You may have a strong workforce but do not have the funds for expansion. Tower leasing Limited provides finance brokerage and funding that assists companies in the United Kingdom to obtain asset finance through hiring. We also help businesses receive extra funding to enhance business development through our diverse finance solutions. Also, we provide opportunities for companies to control their cash flow as they acquire the current technology and company assets to stay ahead of their competitors.

Time to grow your business – where to find out more

If you’re looking to grow your business and need finance for equity, asset purchase or cashflow, please get in touch to discuss the many options we can offer. You can read about the various alternative business finance options on our website.


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