Funding school technology expansions with education leasing

Funding school technology expansions with education leasing

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When you’re looking to fund changes to your school, finding the finances to do so is a difficult process. Schools run within strict budgets and rarely have the flexibility to save for a major technical expansion. This is where using education leasing services is ideal. Learn more about what education services are and how schools use education leasing to maximise their potential and improve outcomes for their students.

What is education leasing?

Education leasing is the process of a school leasing educational technology from a company, paying for the technology over an extended period of time rather than buying it outright. This means they have immediate access to new technology without putting the school in a difficult financial position.

What products does education leasing include?

Education leasing doesn’t just entail the technology and equipment that a school uses in the classroom. Just some of the products used in education leasing include:

IT and AV: Computer and projector equipment to support classroom learning.

Sports equipment: Specialist sports equipment ensuring more productive P.E. lessons.

Catering and cooking: Equipment for the school canteen, supporting the provision of better lunches.

Modular buildings: Portakabins and pods to expand the classroom capacity of schools.

Renewable energy: Renewable equipment to help lower the energy bills of the school.

Each of these technologies plays a fundamental part in the ongoing success of a school, helping students in a holistic manner rather than exclusively focusing on the classroom.

The benefits of education leasing

One of the main benefits of leasing equipment in a school is the manageable costs. Some equipment, such as scientific equipment for laboratories, is extremely expensive for a school, taking a large chunk out of the operating budget. Education leasing means that schools can spread the cost out, affording more equipment to improve the school experience.

In addition to this, leasing provides more flexibility. If you buy a product and it doesn’t suit the school, you’re stuck with that equipment. Leasing means that you can end the lease on one product and replace it with another, developing a bespoke solution over time.

Funding school technology – find out more

Tower Leasing are here to provide tailored funding solutions to UK Education and Public Sector through our funding lines, approved by the department of education. If you’re interested in using education leasing to fund school technology and improve the performance of your school, read our Education Leasing section or get in touch with the Tower Leasing team today to find out more.

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