Leasing catering equipment is a cost-efficient way to invest in essential, everyday equipment. In the past businesses in the hospitality sector have struggled to obtain finance due to the economic recession. However, hope is on the horizon as the UK economy is recovering and the support and popularity of choosing to lease is increasing.

Leasing Catering Equipment

The beauty of having strong relationships with 25+ financial institutions and access to our own book funds means we can and will work with a wide range of businesses. These connections makes securing finance easier and more possible, so don’t give up on this option just yet!

Not only is the acceptance rate higher because of our funding connections but opportunity is greater because we want to work with all types of businesses. The catering and hospitality sector consists of many new start-up businesses which have been trading for less than three years. Securing finance for these customers can be more challenging but we will work alongside them and help as much as we can to secure finance. Whether the pub, café, restaurant or hotel is long established, a new start, small, medium or large we will do our best to find a tailored finance package for them.

For catering suppliers we provide training on how to effectively offer leasing alongside cash purchase, we have created tools such as rental calculators and Tapp to make quoting easier, and we take care of the administration to ensure both supplier and customer enjoy a simple and quick leasing experience.

The market environment is becoming more challenging

People now eat out more often and for a wider range of occasions. This fundamental structural shift, driven by demographic and consumer trends, has led to considerable market growth in the restaurant sector in recent years and underpinned significant transactional activity, particularly over the last two years. (PWC) Types of catering equipment you could be leasing:

  • Commercial Ovens
  • Food Prep Machines
  • Beverage Machines
  • Canteen Furniture
  • Commercial Fryers and Chip Scuttles
  • Hot Cupboards
  • Pasta Boilers
  • Roller Grill – Rotisserie


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