How technology resellers can deepen client relationships

How technology resellers can deepen client relationships

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As a technology reseller, strong and positive client relationships are essential to your business. Customers will be more likely to purchase recommended products or custom products that you have built if they trust you and respect your expertise. Below we list some ways you can deepen your client relationships…

Take control of hardware refresh cycles

All technology hardware has an expiration date, and will one day cease to be useful to your clients. When hardware breaks unexpectedly, it can be extremely frustrating for your clients as it may disrupt their workflow or budget.

By monitoring and identifying upgrades for clients before their current hardware reaches the end of its life cycle, you can take control of refresh cycles and prevent your customers from going to the market and shopping around in a panic when their hardware breaks.

This will increase customer loyalty as not only are you preventing your customers from experiencing unexpected repair or replacement costs, but you are helping them to keep their hardware contemporary.

Create long-term software contracts

Businesses look to technology resellers to streamline the process of finding and purchasing the right software. When selling software, it can be difficult for resellers to add value to the product and keep customers from moving between software manufacturers.

To build a deep, long-lasting relationship with a client purchasing software, tying a client into a contract that is a minimum of 3-years can help clients to stick to your services. You can include clauses in the contract that allow clients to upgrade their software within this contract period, providing they purchase it from you. This is a win-win situation as you have the opportunity to build a deep and long-lasting client relationship and a client has access to a reliable source of software.

Explore your hardware and software finance and leasing options

Hardware and software finance and leasing businesses can offer services to technology resellers that help them add value to their services and improve client retention. For example, Tower Leasing offer a Managed Service Agreement (MSA) that allows resellers and service providers to incorporate all their client’s service billing and purchases into one agreement and offset any hardware costs, offering incredible convenience for clients, therefore, helping to strengthen client relationships.

Technology resellers – where to find out more

At Tower Leasing we have experience working with technology resellers across the globe, including businesses in the public sector and SMEs. We can help technology resellers secure assets such as tablets, servers, software and laptops.

Visit our technology finance section to find out how we can help you deepen client relationships and experience the bottom line positive impact of technology leasing. Get in touch today to find out more.


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