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When purchasing Software or Hardware, there’s nearly always a support or maintenance contract to consider. Billed annually, support services are often seen by your clients as an unnecessary expense, but something that has to be paid.

Tower have 2 products that can help here:

One year support

Tower’s Annual fee Funder product will cater for any client wishing to pay monthly for their support contract. The full renewal will be spread over 12 months, with just 7% interest over the term.

Multi Year support

Your clients are important, but your base is always at risk to the competition. Tower can help you ring-fence your base by tying your clients into a longer contract. Our multi-year wraps enable you to sign clients up to a fixed price, multi-year contract keeping the competition away.

Typically we will provide our clients with a Fixed Term Lease agreement when funding software solutions. This gives the client the ability to claim Tax Relief. If a business is profitable and pays corporation tax, your overall spend can actually be less than the total cost of paying from capex. Our tax relief document explains this in more detail.

We have expertise in technology finance solutions

Tower have specialist staff that have sold software and the finance to acquire it, who understand the market and can work with your sales team to create a compelling offering to your prospects and clients.

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Did you know by choosing to lease, you could receive fantastic tax benefits?

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