EdUKaid Sponsorship

Tower are pleased to sponsor one of EdUKaid pre-primary classes, these are the most disadvantaged children who are desperate for an education. As a sponsor, we will helping over 100 children aged 4 – 6 will have the chance of a better future.

EdUKAid have provided the following sponsorship profile to share with you about the charity and how the sponsorship will contribute to the children’s learning and development. To find out more about the charity, visit

Imekuwa Pre-primary Class

School Information Teacher:  Atimaa Nyambi
Teaching Assistant:  Lucy Ally Aziza

Number of pre-primary children: 101
Number of primary children: 551


Imekuwa was EdUKaid’s flagship pre-primary class opening in 2009 following a whole school renovation project.  The primary school has gone from strength to strength since then with a 60% increase in the number of children enrolling in primary school and a 100% increase in the number of children progressing to secondary school.  When we first visited Imekuwa Primary School in 2007/8 it was a shock to see children trying to learn in such a dilapidated, poorly resourced environment.  At that time the pre-primary children were sitting, unattended, under a tree since they were without a classroom or a teacher.  These children, aged 4-6, walked to school everyday in the hope of an official education, but unfortunately the school had no resources to support them.  EdUKaid was successful in raising funds to transform the school into an attractive, safe and welcoming environment to provide these children with somewhere to learn. Recognising the crucial importance of early years’ education, the decision was also made to build a brand new classroom for the pre-primary children and recruit a teacher and assistant for the class.

Your Teachers

Pre-primary teacher Atimaa, supported by teaching assistant Lucy are both passionate about their work believing that a good quality education in early years is essential if children are to have any chance in achieving their full potential. Atimaa trained as a teacher at the local Montessori College where she spent 2 years studying this unique approach which allows children to learn effectively through creative work and play.

Your Contribution

Your commitment to fund Atimaa and Lucy for at least a year means that 101 children have access to a quality education at a time when they have the greatest capacity to learn. You are giving these children the best start in life they could hope for, providing the building blocks which will enable them to progress through education and the opportunity to go on and fulfill their potential.

Our Commitment

  • We will ensure that your money will be used to fund Atimaa and Lucy to teach these children.
  • We will ensure that Atimaa and Lucy receive the support and training they need to carry out their teaching roles effectively.
  •  We will ensure that you are kept informed about the progress of the class through a twice yearly update.
  • We will provide you with photographs for you to see the difference you are making to these children’s lives.
  • We will acknowledge your support on our website, social media, at the Great Vending Get Together and through any other relevant promotional opportunities.

Registered charity number: 1102613
EdUKaid, 1 Scotts Close, Downton Business Park, Downton, Wiltshire, SP5 3RA   |  | 01725 514612