How partnering with Tower Leasing can help to grow your business

How partnering with Tower Leasing can help to grow your business

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Leasing can offer your business growth opportunities in several ways from improving cash flow to modernising processes by installing the latest equipment. Both elements can jointly aid business development, enhance customer experiences and build brand reputation. In this article, we discuss how partnering with Tower Leasing can help grow your business and increase customer retention.

Benefits of Leasing

  • Cost savings – Leasing is often described as a cost-effective solution to securing market-leading equipment or business vehicles as often the monthly payments are classed as a business expense and therefore can be offset against corporation tax liabilities. In addition, maintenance costs are usually included in leases too (although always check the terms and conditions!) therefore expenses are fixed, simplifying budgeting.
  • Improved cash flow – Benefits of fixed leasing costs, secured at the best rates on the market can provide lower monthly running costs and stability to a business’s cash flow, enabling investment in other areas including business development and growth.

Leasing equipment rather than purchasing it helps keep down monthly business costs, and also usually eliminates the cost of large upfront payments, leaving more cash for other investments such as growing the team, expanding to a bigger office or increasing postcode coverage.

  • Lowering risks – In addition to cost benefits, there are other benefits from leasing modern equipment such as reducing risks of variable asset sales values, asset depreciation and risks from viruses attacking ageing systems or part availability for repairs of older equipment.

Leasing equipment helps protect companies from assets becoming obsolete, as they will be returned at the end of the lease, resulting in the latest technology constantly being available so staff can work effectively, and customers can also feel the benefits. In turn, the company can maximise its reputation, improve customer feedback and ultimately continue growing successfully.

Partnering with Tower Leasing – find out more

Trusting a leading funder and brokerage, such as Tower, to recommend the perfect leasing options tailored to your business, will reap many rewards. We have long-standing relationships with many top organisations, enabling the best finance packages and services to be offered directly from our trusted partners. Read more how we gained business champion status with Funding Circle

Find out how we can help you offer finance to your customers by reading our Offer Finance information. Or please contact us to start partnering with us and to benefit from the growth opportunities that come hand in hand with business leasing.

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