Technology options for remote workers during the coronavirus outbreak

Technology options for remote workers during the coronavirus outbreak

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Many businesses across the country are required to enable their workforce to work from home remotely. There are many aspects to consider in terms of technology, with businesses looking for the most cost-effective options, at a time when cash flow is reduced. To help maintain your workforce efficiency, we have compiled this list of essential items of hardware for your remote workers.

1) A laptop or desktop computer

If an employee would normally be office based, it makes sense to keep any purchases to a minimum. If a laptop or desktop computer can be taken from the office to use at home, or if the employee is able to use a personal laptop, this will reduce the cost. However, if a computer is not available for remote work, it will be an essential item for every remote worker.

2) A monitor

If a remote worker is able to use their own or a business provided laptop, they may struggle with the smaller screen. In many situations, the screen will be smaller than standard desktop computers used in the usual workplace environment. Ideally, employers should be provided with a monitor which is larger than 27 inches, as multiple displays can be opened to improve efficiency and also comfort.

3) A keyboard and mouse

To create a safe and efficient workspace, it is also advisable to provide remote workers with an ergonomic keyboard and mouse. If the remote worker is using a laptop, they will naturally struggle over a sustained period of time due to the poor ergonomics. An external keyboard and mouse will be relatively inexpensive and will drastically improve comfort for your employee.

4) An external hard drive

This will be one of the most important requirements for your remote workers, as the work they are completing will need to be safe and secure. Although they will be familiar with saving files to their local drive, they should also be able to back up these files to an external drive. Online drives such as OneDrive are available, however, an external hard will provide an additional safety net.

Technology options for remote workers – equipment and technology finance options

If your business needs to supply remote workers with technology or hardware to work from home, the cost can quickly mount up if paying for everything upfront. Instead, there are options available such as equipment leasing or technology finance, which can provide the technology your business needs with manageable monthly payments. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with equipment finance to suit your company’s needs.

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