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Sign here, there & everywhere


Sign here, there & everywhere
Leasing doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact it’s easy, especially with Tower Electronic Signatures.

Sign documentation in a matter of minutes!

There are few steps which have to be taken when choosing to lease capital equipment for your business. These steps are pretty simple when you have an efficient finance provider working behind the scenes.

Lease Process Fact Sheet

One of the major steps is signing the lease agreement, once this has been signed your equipment can be installed and the lease will commence.

In the past we have experienced a few common issues with this stage:

  • Hardcopy lease agreements have been signed by the incorrect person.
  • The speed of postal delivery has slowed down the lease process, making customers wait longer for their equipment to be installed.
  • Errors have been made when completing the lease documentation.

Leasing equipment should not be slow or complicated.


The Solution – Tower Electronic Signatures

Tower Electronic Signatures (E-Sig) enables you to sign your lease agreements anywhere at any time!

All problems are solved with this new tool:

  • Tower send the lease agreement to the key decision maker via email, this ensures the right person is signing at all times.
  • It takes a matter of minutes to send a customer an agreement via email and another couple of minutes for it to be signed and returned.
  • If an error is made, it’s simply a matter of Tower emailing the document back and informing the customer of the error.

What happens if the correct signee isn’t in the office?

Don’t panic! With Tower E-Sig the right person can pick up the email on any device, anywhere in the world!

So even if the key decision maker is on holiday, they will be able to sign the agreement and get the lease rolling for the business.

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