Why offer leasing when customers rarely ask for it?


Why wait to be asked? Let customers know the services available to them & all parties will benefit.

As an organisation speaking to equipment suppliers on a daily basis we have come to notice a trend – suppliers are often reluctant to offer leasing on the equipment they sell because “no customers ask for it.”

Our question is: why wait to be asked?

When pitching your equipment to potential or existing customers simply make them aware of the additional service you can provide them with – the option to lease. Think about it, why offer one purchasing option (i.e. cash purchase) when you have two options in your tool kit? Why narrow your chances of agreeing a sale?

The common reasons why customers rarely ask for leasing

  • The fear of the unknown – Customers often do not understand how the whole process of leasing works and therefore are reluctant to ask for it.
  • Assumption – Customers often assume the supplier does not offer leasing as the sales person hasn’t mentioned it.
  • Embarrassment – Customers are sometimes embarrassed to ask for a finance facility as they feel they are giving the impression that they do not have a sufficient amount of funds.

Simply let your customers know that you offer leasing, eliminating any assumption and embarrassment. It’s worth spending a couple of minutes explaining the process and the benefits they will enjoy so that your customers feel comfortable choosing this option. Once your customers are aware of the benefits of choosing to lease they will understand it’s a great route to take.

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You’re keen to offer leasing but you’re a little unsure of how it works?

Don’t worry, this is not uncommon and it is often one of the reasons some suppliers do not offer leasing. We have created a short e-book explaining the lease process, the benefits and our role. Remember, we are here to take care of the hard work for you – you do the equipment, we do the leasing.


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