Education leasing

Don’t let Covid-19 prevent investment in your educational estabishment


Countless funding challenges impact all types of schools and educational establishments, and Covid-19 offers even more issues to address. If you need to increase equipment levels in your school or college, Tower Leasing have an approved funding line by the department of education. Education leasing can make large equipment purchases more affordable, whether you need computers and IT kit, new kitchen and catering equipment, or shelters and playground equipment. If you’ve never considered education leasing before, this brief post explains just how it works.

What is education leasing?

Education leasing enables you to bring the latest cutting-edge technologies to your school or college, and also frees up valuable funding as it means there’s no need to buy equipment outright. Another advantage of education funding is that fees are fixed in advance, making it easier to invest in other capital expenditure needs. With education leasing, you pay a fixed monthly amount for the equipment needed, at the time it’s needed. What’s more, it’s often possible to invest in more expensive equipment than can usually be afforded using traditional purchasing methodologies.

Benefits of education leasing

There are lots of benefits of education leasing, including:

  • Cutting the costs of investing in new equipment
  • Affordable and smaller monthly payments, enabling better cash flow management
  • Opportunities to invest in better quality equipment, offering higher use and functionality qualities
  • Supportive of financial budgeting

With educational leasing, any establishment can provide students with the tools and educational equipment needed to enhance or upgrade the learning environment at the time it’s required.

How does education leasing work?

With simple monthly or quarterly repayments set in advance, what’s not to like about educational leasing? Funding providers, like Tower Leasing, pay the suppliers direct for all equipment that’s ordered, and you don’t need to start making any payments until after your equipment is delivered and fitted. Upgrading your IT department, catering kitchens, and playgrounds or sports fields has never been so easy.

Education leasing – where to find out more

Find out more about education leasing today and free up your resources to ensure your school is known for its high quality, top-end equipment, providing a better standard of education and knowledge. Or  get in touch with us to find out how we can help you bring the latest cutting-edge technology to your school or college.

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