Easy way to finance the expansion of your cleaning business


Although cleaning contract business owners do express concerns about the UK economy, and uncertainty regarding our departure from the EU in December 2020, expansion is still a viable opportunity. One of the main reasons for this is the high number of current construction projects already underway in most cities, and promises of infrastructure investment by the Tory government. We look at easy ways to finance the expansion of your cleaning business.

Increased demand for cleaning contractors in 2020

It’s pretty certain that all construction sites will need ongoing professional cleaning support, alongside the office spaces, logistics centres and retail outlets that are being built. The push to build more residential spaces is also going to create higher demand for professional cleaners.

What this means for your cleaning business

No matter where your business is located, if you’ve been noting the signs of increased building works and refurbishments in the locality, you’re probably impatient to do something about it. Business expansion may seem like the perfect solution so you can sign up all these new clients from the moment they’re in situ. If this is where you think it is heading at the moment, but funding growth is tricky, Tower could have all the business finance solutions you need.

Easy ways to finance the expansion of your cleaning business

Here are just some of the valuable finance solutions available to existing businesses include:

  • Leasing, which can be a cost and tax-saving option to fund new equipment or vehicles
  • Unsecured cash flow loans
  • Loans against outstanding invoices or debtors, over the short- or long-term
  • Vehicle funding via hire purchase, PCP or leasing
  • Equity financing can also be arranged. This could include buy-ins, buy-outs, or mergers.

There are lots more ways we can help fund your business growth, and many of these are extremely tax-efficient and can save you money over the longer term. We can also provide business loans for cleaning business startups, no matter whether you’re targeting the domestic or commercial marketplace.

Cleaning business expansion – where to find out more

Why not browse our website today to discover more, We have the expertise to provide the financial solutions that work for any business. Visit our Alternative Finance page to find out the many options available. Or please get in touch to find out how we may help.

Image by: pascalhelmer via Pixabay