Case Study: Clearing Customers for Finance, Against All Odds


Our underwriters manually look at every single customer to ensure they get a fair chance of credit clearance.

New start business? Limited financial information? A high risk industry? Credit clearance sound promising?

It does with Tower…

Case Study: Clearing customers is our priority

In December we formed a business relationship with a supplier specialising in IT & telecoms equipment. As their preferred finance provider we have worked with them on various lease proposals since then.

On February 6th 2015 this supplier provided us with a £50,000.00 lease proposal for a customer:

  • Which was a new start entity.
  • They had limited financial information available.
  • Trading in a high risk sector.

At first glance this looks like an underwriter’s worst nightmare and the chances of credit clearance seems low.

Not for our team

The supplier’s internal New Business Account Manager, Victoria Chambers, has done everything she can to get this customer cleared for finance.

Vicki was 100% honest with both the supplier and customer about the low chances of credit clearance. However, Vicki presented a solution to this problem and dedicated her time to help the customer as much as possible.

What happened next?

  • Vicki assessed the lease proposal.
  • A conference call between Vicki, the supplier & customer was organised. Vicki informed them of what information Tower and our funders needed to consider the proposal.
  • Once Vicki received this information she assessed which of our funders would be better suited to the customer.
  • The chosen funder was then contacted, Vicki talked them through the lease proposal and all of the information found. She also sent across a hefty write up to support her findings.
  • The funder was left with the decision whether to accept or decline the customer for finance.

By providing the funder with investigative research, write ups and information we were able to ACCEPT the customer for finance.

“Carl and myself are extremely impressed with you guys and how efficient you are when we’ve given you any task to complete, we have committed ourselves to Tower Leasing 100%.” 

Paul – Sales Executive at supplier organisation

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