Case Study – Management Buy Out 

Bank turned down your business loan? 

Sector: Water Management Company
Region: South East
Funding Requirement: Management Buy Out

A bank referral was sent to our direct sales team as they were not able to secure a traditional bank loan for a customer who was looking for £40k to buy out an existing shareholder (Management Buy Out).

Rishi the account manager was able to assist and get the application started, we required personal guarantees along with a positive set of accounts.

One of the challenges of securing the funding was one of the shareholders was a non-homeowner. However, the company was profitable and growing which strengthened their application. Rishi took the time to meet with the directors and understand the full picture of the business allowing us to get more comfortable and back the business. This was enough information to complete all the requirements and fund the £40k.

“This is a great example of how traditional high street banks and commercial finance brokers can complement each other and give the best service possible to act within tight time scales”.

At Tower, we get to understand your business, look at your funding requirements and find opportunities for business growth.
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