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Why updating your company’s commercial premises is important for development

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As a business, focusing on a range of different aspects of your organisation is key to progressing as much as possible. From improving your staff to developing the technology your company uses, each step forward boosts your company’s productive potential. However, relatively few companies consider the potential of their premises. Read on to learn why updating your commercial premises increases a company’s potential and how many enterprises do so.

The benefits of growing premises

There is a wide range of benefits when growing your company’s premises. Each ensures that your company has greater potential and leads to better outcomes. Learn more about many of the different benefits below:

  • More staff: In an office space, companies fit more staff into a bigger space. More staff means the company makes more sales and increases revenue.
  • More comfort: A larger workplace is beneficial for all. Staff are not constricted to small cubicles, and everyone has more space to relax. This increases morale throughout the business.
  • More expression: In a larger space, the company has space to express itself. Branding and expression through murals and modular design mean that the company identity shines through every day.

How to fund an upgrade?

Using development finance is one of the best ways to improve your premises. This means that your business takes out a loan, funding the upgrade by paying back the spending in the long term. As you increase your revenue, the greater earnings for the company pay for the improvements in your premises. Investing in your company is always a net gain, and by paying it off over time you can spread the burden of spending significantly.

Choosing the right funding partner

One of the most important steps in this process is choosing the right funding partner for your company. For example, some places charge more interest than others or have excessively short repayment periods for business loans. Finding a partner that has the right terms for you is essential. This means that you get the perfect business development loans for your company and can focus on growing your profits, rather than growing interest rates.

Updating your commercial premises – find out more

Fit Out Finance is a term used to cover aspects of a building which goes inside a building. This can range from anything including raised access flooring, air-conditioning, demountable partitions, tea points and furniture. Compared to some assets that people have been traditionally using finance options for like technology, reprographics and vehicles, Fit Out Finance is possibly the least well known.

Utilising finance options for this type of asset has become increasingly popular as it gives companies the opportunity to spread out the cash flow implications of what can be a significant cost to a business. Not only is there the cashflow benefits there can also be some wider tax implications both over the short and longer term.

Visit our Fit Out Finance web section to learn more about the finance options available to you, or get in touch with us to discuss how we may help with your next refurbishment project.

Image by: Marc Mueller from Pexels

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