The benefits of educational leasing for schools

The benefits of education leasing for schools

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Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine how schools can afford all of the high-tech equipment they need to offer the best education to their pupils. But that’s where education leasing comes in – rather than purchasing equipment outright, they are able to make manageable monthly payments instead. Here, we’ll look at some of the benefits of education leasing as well as how you can use this financial tool to ensure your school gets the resources it needs:

1. Getting the equipment you need

The biggest benefit and main reason to use education leasing is so that your school can get the equipment it needs to provide the highest level of education.

To create an engaging and innovative environment where children can thrive, students and teachers need access to the latest technology, which simply isn’t viable for most schools, which have very limited budgets. Without leasing, most schools would only be able to afford second-hand or older tech and equipment, which don’t afford their staff and pupils the same benefits.

2. Budget management

Often, buying brand new equipment is one of the costliest purchases for a school, making it in unachievable in some cases. Education leasing not only helps you get the equipment you need, but it can also save you money.

With lease payments usually being lower than actual purchase payments would be, they can help your budget go further by paying smaller amounts over a pre-agreed period of time. So, with school districts often needing more funding than what their budgets allow for, leasing can help you avoid budget cuts when it comes to new purchases so you don’t have to miss out!

3. Tax-deductible

No matter what lease agreement you decide to sign, education leasing is fully tax-exempt. This is because it’s considered as a charitable donation and when a new piece of equipment is leased, it is counted as a rental payment that will be completely covered.

Any maintenance costs incurred can also be claimed back, making education leasing an easy and carefree way to provide efficient technology without the added pressure of tax costs.

Benefits of education leasing

Tower Leasing are here to provide tailored funding solutions to UK Education and Public Sector through our funding lines, approved by the department of education. Eager to see the benefits of education leasing?

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