Crypton Garage Equipment Leasing

The services garages provide are very reliant on the equipment they have access to, having the correct equipment is paramount to the operation of an average garage. Through leasing Crypton equipment a garage is able to spread the cost over a period of time and pay smaller, manageable rental payments.

Whilst keeping cash flow within the business the garage will also enjoy 100% tax relief on all rentals payable.

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Crypton MOT Lifts & ATL Bay Equipment 

  • 4 Post Lift MOT / ATL Package
  • Pit Bay MOT / ATL Package

Crypton Service Lifts 

  • 2 Post Vehicle Lift
  • Mobile Mid – rise scvissor lift

Crypton Brake Testers 

  • Automated brake tester

Crypton  ATL Components 

  • Jacking Beam
  • Brake Pedal Depressor

Crypton Emissions Analysers

  • Gas Analyser
  • Combined Smoke and Gas

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