Vending & Coffee Machines

Vending and coffee machines have become much more than a luxury; they have become a necessity to many businesses out there. From small offices and train stations to leisure centres and colleges, a vending machine provides a 24 hour service to its customers.

Leasing Vending and Coffee Machines 

To make these luxurious necessities even better is the fact that they can be obtained in a cost-effective, beneficial way – through lease finance.

Rather than handing over a large sum of money all at once businesses can choose to lease a machine and pay small, manageable payments over a period of time. There is no need to wait for budget allowances, businesses can obtain a coffee or vending machine when they want and need it, whilst keeping cash within the business.

Leasing offers many benefits such as 100% tax relief and more…just take a look at our lease vs buy example

The UK coffee shop market grew by 7.3% in turnover during 2017 to £9.6bn, continuing as one of the UK’s most robust business sectors. A new report from Allegra World Coffee Portal, ProjectCafé2018 UK, shows the total UK coffee shop market added 1,215 stores over the last 12 months to reach 24,061, representing 5.3% growth. (Hospitality and Catering News)

Examples of some Vending and Coffee Machines you can be leasing: 

  • Cold drinks vending machines
  • Snack & Confectionery machines
  • Food Vending machines
  • Floorstanding Hot Drinks Machines 

Whether your business is looking for a new vending or coffee machine, Tower Leasing can tailor a flexible finance package so you can secure the equipment you need.

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Let us support your business in finding a trusted finance solution.

Tower Leasing have been awarded NIVO Supplier of the Year 2018 for the ‘Business Service’ category. 

We have worked alongside NIVO as one of their official finance providers for over ten
years. Throughout these years we have gone the extra mile to ensure every NIVO member
has received a consistent and top service. 

“Tower Leasing offer a superb service which is extremely efficient and results in quick payment. Their representatives are prepared to put in the work to gain a positive outcome when others seem to take the easy option and say no.”

Nigel – Leading vending specialist

Lease vs Buy

Did you know by choosing to lease, you could receive fantastic tax benefits?

What Else Can I Lease

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