Mobile Phone/ Device Leasing

Could you imagine today’s world without smart mobile devices? We certainly couldn’t. These devices have become a normality in our everyday lives and have made processes in the workplace faster and more efficient, improving productivity and profitability.

Leasing Mobile Phones / Devices 

Mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones, android tablets etc. are perfect for a team to perform business activities on the go, for example, the majority of sales teams read their emails on their mobile phones. Leasing these devices is a smart, cost-effective way to invest in the latest technology.

This technology is not cheap, the average new device is approximately £500+, multiply this by the average number in a team and the cost is very quickly £1,000+. Not only this, the newest mobile device on the market is not new for long! Why would a business hand over a large sum of money for technology which is going to depreciate within a couple of years? It’s not cost-efficient or sensible.

Leasing is the answer. The option will enable a business to acquire and enjoy the latest devices making teams more efficient and productive. Meanwhile the business will enjoy the many benefits of leasing, such as 100% tax relief and fixed payment structures to suit budgetary needs.

To support companies further with this investment we have created a short-term lease agreement for these products, running over a maximum of a 2 year period.

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Lease vs Buy

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