Laundry Equipment

Large-scale laundry equipment can be very expensive but as it’s a necessity what choice do companies have but to obtain it?

Leasing Laundry Equipment

If you choose to lease laundry equipment you will enjoy many benefits such as keeping cash within your business, obtaining the equipment you need straight away, fantastic tax advantages and many many more.

Laundry equipment such as large scale washing machines, drying irons and finishing equipment, can be very expensive and it is very important that you get top-quality models for your business.

Whether you’re a launderette, hotel, hospital, university or sports centre we can help you obtain the equipment you need. If you have a supplier in mind we would be happy to work alongside them and if you don’t, we can choose one suited to you. To find out why you should choose to lease rather than buy.

Why offer leasing?

Offering leasing alongside cash purchase provides your customers with an advantageous alternative which is flexible to their budgetary needs. By offering two options you are doubling your chance of agreeing a sale and with the benefits leasing attracts your customers will be very tempted to choose to lease.

In addition, not only will your customers enjoy great advantages, you too, as the supplier will experience some fantastic benefits.

New to offering leasing?

Don’t worry, you will have your own dedicated Account Manager who will take care of all the hard work for you so that you and your customer can enjoy a quick and easy lease process. We can also arrange a short training session for you and your sales team so that the delivery of your leasing pitch will be one of confidence and ease.
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Lease vs Buy

Did you know by choosing to lease, you could receive fantastic tax benefits?

What Else Can I Lease

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