I.T / Software

I.T. Equipment and software is the driving force and heart of most businesses in the UK. We have come to rely on technology and systems to effectively run our businesses on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, it is not a surprise that a large portion of our finance requests and agreements fall into this sector. Also, did you know that we can now broker lease agreement that are 100% software based?

I.T Equipment and Software Leasing

With the IT industry riding a constant wave of innovation, we are keeping pace and helping finance routers and servers along with:

  • Mobile hardware and devices, including laptops.
  • iPads, Android tablets and all those of similar nature.​
  • Specialist hand held devices which are used by thousands of postal service employees and field dales representatives. These devices allow them to print quotes and invoices out on the spot.
  • A wide range of bespoke or off the shelf software that can be anything from anti-virus to design programs, as created by leading suppliers such as Microsoft.
  • The technology behind the servers for hosted telephone systems, plus computers and routers needed for IP CCTV (CCTV cameras that wirelessly monitor and record).

IT empowers businesses; we too are empowering businesses by helping them obtain the latest technology in a cost-effective beneficial way.


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