EPoS Systems

EPoS is everywhere! EPoS systems are used just about everywhere in the business world. This revolutionary system is in high demand and without it businesses would not be able to deliver the quick, efficient service they are so proud of.

Leasing EPoS Equipment

The recession hit the hospitality and retail sectors hard and as a result many businesses lost confidence in trying to obtain finance for their much needed equipment. We are here to tell you that acceptance rates are increasing and more customers are being approved for the finance they need. Over 30 years in the marketplace has enabled us to build relationships with many financial institutions, as well as using our own funds, in order to provide great rates and increased acceptances. So why not give leasing a try?

Virtually every retailer and caterer understands the need for EPOS and its attendant technology to help them run their business smoothly and profitably, but are also mindful of the set up costs. In almost every purchase, sourcing finance at the right cost is vital to the completion of the deal.

Why EPoS?

The invention of EPoS systems introduced a revolutionary way to provide a service to customers. Payment, delivery and service time is increased massively when an organisation uses EPoS. As a result organisations are able to convert new customers into existing due to their flawless, speedy service.

EPoS on finance

A top-quality EPoS system can be very costly but due to its efficiency the equipment pays for itself over time. An upfront cost for a system can be very expensive and many businesses do not have the funds to purchase it outright without eating into their budgets.

That’s where we come in…
Obtaining an EPoS system on lease finance is cost effective, easier on your budgets and provides your business with many benefits.

Some may ask, why should I obtain my equipment on lease when I can just buy it?

At times larger businesses do not consider the option to lease as they have the funds to buy equipment outright. Large, medium and small businesses will benefit greatly if they choose to lease due to the fantastic tax advantages involved.


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Lease vs Buy

Did you know by choosing to lease, you could receive fantastic tax benefits?

What Else Can I Lease

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