Beauty Salon Equipment and Furniture

We know that the beauty sector runs on trends and fashion, therefore leasing is a fantastic option for your customers. Not only will they be able to upgrade their equipment but they will also be able to obtain the equipment when they want it, not just when budgets allow.

Beauty Salon Equipment and Furniture Leasing

Why offer leasing to your customers?

Offering leasing alongside cash purchase opens many doors for both you and your customers. Beauty equipment and furniture can be very expensive and some businesses in the beauty industry struggle to pay outright for these necessities. Even if businesses can pay upfront leasing offers a more cost efficient way of paying for the equipment and furniture.

Leasing attracts many benefits such as immediate installation of equipment, the chance to upgrade, fixed payments to tie in with your customers’ budgetary needs and many many more. Once your customers understand the benefits of leasing they will be more inclined to choose this advantageous option.

Furthermore, leasing benefits you as a supplier, see how below.
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Never offered leasing before?

If you have never offered leasing to your customers before it can seem a bit daunting. Don’t worry, at Tower you will have your very own dedicated Account Manager who will guide you through the process. Your Account Manager can even organise a short training session for your sales team to ensure that when you’re delivering your pitch you all feel 100% confident and at ease.

Will offering leasing add to your workload?

Understandable this is a very common question we get asked by equipment suppliers and the answer is, no it will not.

Our team dedicate ourselves to you and we understand that you do not want to be spending your time completing paperwork for a lease agreement. We will take care of all the administration and hard work for you, so you can spend your time doing what you do best.

If you would prefer, we could also organise the lease directly with your customer so you have as little to do with it as possible. There are 3 simple steps to making this happen:

  1. Offer leasing alongside cash purchase
  2. If a customer chooses to lease refer them to us or provide us with their contact details and we will arrange the lease directly with them
  3. You will be paid the full invoice value within 48 hours of installation

It’s simple, quick and very beneficial!
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Why choose to lease your equipment and furniture?

Being able to create a serene, relaxing environment for your customers is very important but obtaining this equipment and furniture can be very costly.

Leasing offers your business many fantastic benefits such as obtaining equipment when you need it, tax advantages, keeping up-to-date with technology with the chance of upgrading your equipment and many many more.
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Why is leasing more beneficial than buying?

With leasing you will enjoy some brilliant tax advantages which do not exist with buying. Take a look!
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Keep your options open

Keep your options open – the chance to lease is not narrowed down to just beauty equipment and furniture. You can also obtain equipment which is essential to your business such as:

If you need any of this equipment we can help you obtain it on lease so you can enjoy the many advantages.

Lease vs Buy

Did you know by choosing to lease, you could receive fantastic tax benefits?

What Else Can I Lease

Learn more about what you can lease. If it is not listed, get in touch & we can help.