Air Conditioning

Air conditioning units are vital to creating a comfortable business environment. Leasing is a cost-effective method to investing in this vital equipment.

Leasing Air Conditioning Equipment

It is a known fact that productivity levels of staff increase significantly when they have an environment which is suitable to their needs. Therefore, investing in equipment such as air conditioning will ensure employees are nice and warm during the winter months and cool when summertime arrives. This results in staff satisfaction and an increased ability to carry out their roles efficiently.

An upfront cost of fitting and/or updating air conditioning in a business premises can be very large and many companies are reluctant to make such a large investment. This is where leasing really benefits organisations – this investment option enables businesses to keep cash within the business whilst acquiring the much needed air conditioning equipment,  100% tax relief is available on all rentals payable and more.
Leasing Benefits

We work alongside a wide range of air conditioning suppliers and make it our aim to ensure that our suppliers and customers experience an easy and pleasurable lease process. Our team takes care of the lease process so that the supplier and business in need can get on with their everyday operations.
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