Looking to move or refurbish your office? Then you need fit-out finance!

Looking to move or refurbish your office? How fit-out finance can help

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Whether you’re moving office or simply refurbishing your current space, several financial considerations need to be taken into account. This can be an expensive process, so you may want to consider a fit-out finance plan to help manage these costs. Carry on reading to learn more about the advantages of a fit-out scheme for handling the financial aspects of an office move or refurbishment.

Fixed payments

When moving or refurbishing your office, costs can quickly spiral out of control. However, by opting for a fit-out finance plan, you’ll be able to achieve your goals while retaining cash in your business.

With fit-out financing from Tower Leasing, all your payments remain fixed throughout the term too, so whether you want to add air-conditioning, raised access flooring, demountable partitions or simply invest in better furniture and equipment, you can do so without stretching your company finances too thin.

By spreading out the payments, you can focus on acquiring the features that your office desperately needs without worrying about how you’ll immediately cover the costs. What’s more, our plans help protect your existing commercial banking relationships.

Tax benefits

Another benefit of opting for fit-out finance relates to the tax benefits on offer. Leasing your office fit-out to a third party means that all the costs included in the project are 100% tax-deductible. As a result of this, you could actually end up saving your business money by choosing to pay for your fit-out monthly instead of all at once.


Opting for an office fit-out means that your business has access to a consultation service that will streamline the whole process for you. First off, we’ll gather as much information as we can from you about the kind of office/refurbishment that you want. We then create a detailed brief that is sent on to our funders. This not only ensures your satisfaction with the project, but it helps us determine the ideal fit-out finance scheme for you that combines a suitable price with all of the features that you asked for.

Fit-out finance – where to find out more

Visit our website to find out more about our fit-out finance solutions and the benefits for customers and partners.  For more information on the financial side of an office move or refurbishment and how fit-out finance options can help, feel free to contact our team at Tower Leasing.

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