Supplier Benefits

Leasing is a service which is adaptable to its environment – throughout the recession leasing was there to support those customers who had lost a lot of confidence in investing in new, essential equipment. Our service enabled your customers to keep cash within their business at a time when money was scarce, and allowed them to pay smaller sums of money throughout a given period of time for the equipment they needed.

The UK economy is gradually getting stronger and as a result, so is the asset finance market. Throughout 2014 there have been many reports published by the FLA and Leasing Life to show the strength of our market and the increase in businesses choosing to lease – in September 2014 the FLA released figures which showed a growth of 23% in asset finance new business during July 2014, compared with the same month last year.

Business confidence is on the increase so more organisations are investing in new equipment, and will continue to do so long into the future. Grab the opportunity while it’s there and you will benefit greatly.

  • Secure the full value of the equipment as a result of the attractiveness of the smaller regular payments included in a lease. A customer is less likely to ask for a negotiated or discounted price when the payments over the lease period seem a lot less than the upfront cost.
  • Money in your account within 48 hours of Tower Leasing receiving all of your correctly completed relevant documentation.
  • An increased opportunity to close the sale thanks to the perceived reduced cost when evaluating a schedule of rentals and the increased range of decision makers that often accompany the process.
  • Protecting your customer base thanks to Tower Leasing providing you with detailed management information on the performance of your lease portfolio, along with notification of a customer’s intention to settle or upgrade their agreement with an alternative supplier.
  • The ability to retain customers by way of an equipment upgrade, simply by restructuring the schedule of rentals.

Customer Benefits

Continuous development of your business is essential to strengthening your position in the marketplace. Business development comes in all kinds of forms, from expanding globally into new markets to simply investing in necessary equipment, such as a telephone system, to aid the daily running of the business; both of which are very important. Investing in essential equipment develops your business and leasing supports this development.

Leasing enables you to acquire the equipment your business needs without eating into your budgets. We can finance a wide range of capital equipment (costs £1,000+) for you, so why not give it a go and enjoy many benefits?

  • Get your equipment when you need it, not when budgets allow.
  • Keep cash within the business rather than handing over a lump sum for a depreciating asset.
  • Enjoy fantastic tax benefits by offsetting 100% of rental costs against the corporate tax liability of your company.
  • Feel safe and secure with the fixed and structured payments of the lease agreement.
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest equipment by choosing to upgrade any time throughout the lease period.
  • Protect your existing lines of credit by using leasing as an alternative to your existing funding lines.

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